NanoLandGlobal Investors Relations Outlook


MISSION with know-how

Nanotechnology has the potential to transform our lives in much the same way as electricity or the internet already has. It will affect almost every aspect of our lives – from the medicines we use, the source of power for our computers, the food we eat, the cars we drive, the buildings we live in and the clothes we wear.  More importantly, for every area where we can imagine an impact, there will be others no one has ever thought of – New capabilities, New products and New markets.

Our mission is to fully exploit this young technology by making a decisive contribution to shaping its development.

From VISION to COMMERCIAL REALITY - creating a global nanotechnology market and trade platform while bringing in investment business and a secure safety culture.

NanoLandGlobal’s vision is not simply to initiate and channel funds in nanotechnology companies that already exist or are still to be founded. We believe in our ability to fundamentally change existing markets and build support infrastructure to enable innovative nanotechnology companies to expand globally.

In order to create extraordinary potential profits - for instance through future IPO’s by the companies we support or through sale to a competitor or a strategic investor - we believe it is necessary to create a platform to process and foster this potential.

Nanomaterials, while being atomically precision engineered, are nevertheless commercial basic raw materials, much like crude oil, wheat, potatoes or metals, defined for processing across manufacturing industry, cosmetics, food processing and healthcare etc.

There is remarkable hype, fear and misinformation around Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies.   NanoLandGlobal’s strategy is to focus on what global businesses actually need to prosper in this emerging new world. We believe the creation of a Nano Trade Platform (with associated risk analysis tools and built-in safety features) are an essential prerequisite for Nano commercial success globally.

NanoLandGlobal’s Commercial Reality

Most commercial analysts would agree that nanotechnology is the next big thing to hit the business landscape offering rich rewards for early adaptors, movers and shakers. However the fragmented nature of first generation nano-experts (manufacturers, integrators, re-sellers) together with the myth, mystique and lack of commonality standards may seriously undermine the successful development of nano-commerce generally.

Whilst academia and media-science may have a vested interest in complexity, hype and confusion around nano products, business leaders and commercial stakeholders need to understand in laymen terms what exactly these new materials are and what their application and value can add to their businesses. By giving nano raw material a basic catalogue trade description and offering Nano products for sale via a trade platform we can demystify the atomic level for everyone, helping consumers, manufacturers and resellers exploit the positives in this new technology, whilst highlighting and protecting Society from potential negatives.

The people behind NanoLandGlobal COMMERCIAL INVESTORS Holding

Our investment team include people with broad commercial and scientific experience, legal nous and high level interdisciplinary knowledge.

More about: Nano-information technology

Nanotechnology is changing everything we know about Information & Communication Technologies.

Nanocomputers, nanorobots, and related mechanical-molecular intelligent networks (with ability to learn and “think”) will drive the foundation of new science and offerings where machines and computers, real estate and sensors, objects and people come together offering phenomenal value in medical advancement, security, manufacturing, tracking,  construction, agriculture and energy efficiency


Nanobiotechnology is a new area of scientific and technological opportunity that applies the tools and processes of Nano/micro fabrication to build devices for studying bio systems. Researchers learn from biology to create new micro-Nano scale devices to better enhance life processes, apply new models of mechanical efficiencies and applications across all industry sectors. A whole new galaxy of commercial opportunity awaits the smart investor within this sub-division of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology represents a technological age that will alter every pillar of society, every aspect of trade and commerce: construction, materials, processes and applications. That is precisely why significant entrepreneurial investments mean much more for NanoLandGlobal than simply looking to mate funding facilities with specific growing companies. More than just a financial strategist and consultant, NanoLandGlobal are a comprehensive partner and think tank supporting an infant industry and young companies from inception; helping them on their way to a profitable future and creating the fundamental positive value systems, safety culture and global reach essential for all stakeholders.

Our support is our experience and reach

Our team has many years of competency in identifying and evaluating emerging technologies and trends. With our network of internal and external experts, we not only cover a wide range of technical and scientific topics, but we also possess the relevant socio-economic and political expertise.

Recognizing potential, reducing risks

NanoLandGlobal are pioneers in fostering new models for new applications.
We are moving forward in creating both a virtual and physical “silicon-valley” of Nano business users. Comprising of over 100 commercial operations from different business environments we are creating a World First Nano Demonstrator. Hence anyone globally seeking real knowledge of specific Nano applications can visit our real or virtual world.

Long-term investments in upcoming markets

We are creating affiliated partners in over 150 countries and are looking for strategic investment partners from any region of the globe. Germany is a leading innovator in nanotechnology with Japan and US fast catching up.